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RFID Tracking

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  • Labels can include radio frequency transmitter
  • RFID readers send out radio waves that activate the radio frequency transmitter that is built into the labels
  • Labels send back message to reader with ID and location
  • Allows missing files to be found with radio waves
  • Allows all records in circulation to be audited/inventoried
  • Integrates with desktop or doorway RFID check in/out
  • RFID labels print on any standard office ink jet printer
  • Radio Frequency is the state-of-the-art in the identification and tracking of assets, records, inventory, weapons, evidence, people or other items.
Records Management
We provide, install and maintain fully customizable Records Management systems, including barcodes, inventory, electronic records and/or RFID tracking.
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Inventory Management
Our RFID-based Inventory Management system allows you to conduct inventories of tagged items in MINUTES, rather than the HOURS normally spent. With daily inventory capability, our customers save hundreds of man hours and always have the most up-to-date information.
Evidence Management
We provide the ultimate in efficiency for the crime laboratory with a fully integrated RFID Evidence management system.
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Asset Management
We can provide an enterprise class Asset Management system that enables you to manage the location and status of any physical items.
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Neonatal Security
We offer a Neonatal and Infant Security Management system, along with Umbilical Active RFID tags (designed specifically to be mounted on umbilical clamps).
Weapons Management and Accountability
Our RFID technology is the state-of-the-art for Weapons Management, with special RFID tags affixed within or on weapons and other gear and accessories issued by an armory or weapons locker.
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Security Applications
We can provide Photo ID cards with built-in RFID technology, which are setting the standards for identity verification and procedures throughout the world.
Audit Reporting
Our systems provide complete audit and inventory reporting for all of our records and asset tracking applications. End users can view either a complete item history or report on only those portions of the records that are pertinent to the specific audit.
Chain of Custody
All of our records and asset management systems can incorporate specific chain of custody documentation and reporting, with or without digital signature requirements.