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Professional Services

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Professional Services

The First Step to Success

Our professionals will conduct a confidential on-site audit, including a complete case study and cost analysis for your filing system project. We offer a variety of services:

  • Relocate: Our filing systems specialists will correctly store, box, move and re-file your system perfectly in your new location.
  • Purge: We will assist you in evaluating systems that are overburdened with inactive files and can coordinate the essential file pulls, boxing, labeling and inventory for future retrieval.
  • Expand: Our expert team can survey your existing space, isolate your current system, reconfigure your file room, and add additional space as required to accommodate growth.
  • Combine/Divide: Our specially trained staff of professionals can separate one system into several, or consolidate several systems into one, with minimal downtime for your records room and access.
  • New/Custom Filing System Development: We can evaluate your current filing methods and collaborate with your staff to develop an industry standard system that better serves your filing needs.